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Hot Topics with Cheryl Harle

Cheryl brings movers and shakers to the station for in-depth interviews about what is happening in our community.



Collective Emergence with Wayne Plourde

Wayne Plourde discusses ideas on how people can join together to emerge from the social and environmental ills that are continuously hanging over our heads and move a a place of harmony and balance that benefits all.

  • 03.11.14 - Guest: Andrew Millison - Wayne and Teacher with the Department Of Horticultue at OSU Andrew Millison discuss the qualities of permaculture.

  • 03.04.14 - Guest: Marc Maislen - Marc and Wayne discuss environmental issues.

  • 02-25-14 - Guest: Bill Hall - Bill talks about his new novel considering the idea of what would have happened if Tom McCall had become president.

  • 02-18-14 - Introducing Collective Emergence - Cheryl Harle and Wayne Plourde discuss how we can begin to address the social ills that surround us by moving towards positive goals.

  • 02-11-14 - Pilot Show: Who's Your Boss? - Cheryl Harle and Wayne Plourde have a philosophical discussion on the nature of freedom and who the bosses are in our lives.

What's Going on in Lincoln City with Karen Richards

Join Karen Richards, Owner of Nelscott Wines, as she interviews guests on everything happening in Lincoln City.

  • 04.01.14 - Gruest: Gretchen, Recycling Educator for North Lincoln Sanitary.

  • 03.20.14 - Guest: Alex Ward, President of BAMA, Alex Ward.

  • 03.11.14 - Guest: Dick Anderson, Lincoln City Mayor Dick Anderson .

  • 02.18.14 - Guest: Niki Price, Director, Lincoln City Cultural Center

  • 02.11.14 - Guest: Dick Anderson, Lincoln City Mayor

  • 02.04.14 - Guest: Majalise Tolan, Principal of Taft High School

Hot Topics with Cheryl Harle

Cheryl brings movers and shakers to the station for in-depth interviews about what is happening in our community.

  • 02.25.14 - Guest: David Gomberg, Oregon State Representative.

  • 01.28.14 - Guest: Doug Hunt, Lincoln County Commissioner

  • 01.21.14 - Guest: Dick Anderson, Lincoln City Mayor running for County Commissioner seat.

  • 01.21.14 - Guest: Terry Thompson, Lincoln County Commisioner.



What's New in Newport with Cheryl Harle 03.05.14 - Guest: Spencer Nebel. Cheryl and Newport City Manager Spencer Nebel discuss medical marijuana coming to Newport and other topics. 03.05.14

What's New in Newport with Cheryl Harle - 02.05.14

Guest: Spencer Nebel, Newport City Manager


Creative Connections with Sarah Gayle and Wayne Plourde

Sarah and Wayne talk with creative individuals that are making an impact on their community and culture.


  • 03.19.14 - Wayne and Sarah talk about Wayne's new novel "The Veil" and the creative process of writing.

  • 03.12.14 - Guest: Heather Fortner. Wayne and Sarah sit down with Heather Fortner of Seafern Studios and talk about her Fish Prints.

  • 03.05.14 - Guest: Becky Miller. Wayne, Sarah and local artist Becky Miller talk about kelp art and living a creative life.

     02.26.14 - Guest: John Baker. John joins in the discussion about Wonder.

  • 02.19.14 - Topic: Responsible Reuse. Sarah talks about applying responsible reuse to her latest line of clothing and the upcoming First Weekend in Toledo.

  • 02.12.14 - Guests: David Ogden Stiers and Vickie Steen talk about the upcoming Battle of Batons on Feb 22 where 5 local High School "combatants" will be conducting the Newport Symphony for the title of the best conductor.

  • 02.05.14 - Guests: Mary Eastman and Marc Maislen - local actors and directors discuss their approach to living a creative life and following your bliss.

  • 01.29.14 - Topic: Living a Creative Life

Waldport & Seal Rock Today with Kathy Amick

Kathy brings businesses, politics and life from Waldport and Seal Rock along with her own brand of humor and special interests.

  • 04.02.14 - Guest: Laura Ireland, Kathy talks to Kathy Ireland who is in charge of the Newport Animal Shelter.

  • 03.26.14 - Kathy talks about the Waldport calender of events and gives household tips.

  • 03.12.14 - Guest: Kerry Kemp. Kathy talks to the new City Manager of Waldport, Carry Kemp.

  • 03.05.14 - This week Kathy shares personal cooking tips and talks about the calender of events.

  • 02.26.14 - Guest: Tamara Bailey, of Grandpa's Feed and Pet Supply.

  • 02.19.14 - Guests: Pastor Susan Mills, Waldport Community Presbyterian Church and Justin Halvorsen, Seashore Family Literacy.

  • 02.12.14 - Kathy talks about local deer, the history of Valentine's day, the new marijuana store in Waldport, and household hints.

  • 02.05.14 - Kathy goes solo today sharing her thoughts on the Sochi Olympics, the Year of the Horse, and the lots of household tips.

  • 01.29.14 - Guest: Larry Walch of Walch Appliance in Waldport

Spotlight on Siletz with Diane Rodriguez

Join Diane Rodriquez, Public Information Officer at the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, as she brings guests to talk about important issues for residents of Slietz.

  • 04.02.14 - Guest: Rebecca Lutz, Diane talks to Rebecca who is the founder of the Leader Cast Event coming up May 9th.

  • 03.19.14 - Guest: Maria Lafraineir: Diane talks to Maria Lafraineir with the Siletz Valley Tribes behavioral health program.

  • 03.12.14 - Guest: RC Mock. Diane Discusses fire safety with the Siletz Valle Fire Districts Fire Chief, RC Mock.

  • 03.05.14 - Guest: Bud Lane. Diane talks to Bud Lane, the Traditional Arts and Language Instructor for the tribe about their Language Program.

  • 02.26.14 - Guests: Deanne Brown and Lori J. Lindstrom discuss the Siletz Head Start Program.

  • 02.19.14 - Guests: Teresa Simmons and Margot Hudson of the Siletz Tribal Arts and Heritage Society (STAHS) talk about the upcoming Indian Fair.

  • 02.12.14 - Guest: Brittany Russell, CARE Program, talks about Teen Dating Violence Awareness.

  • 02.05.14 - Guest: Sam Tupou, Principal of Siletz Valley Schools

Let the Conversation Begin with John Baker

  • 03.26.14 - Guest: Linda Kilbride, Sandy Rumagu. John, Linda, and Sandy talk about the new job seekers program.

  • 02.26.14 - Guest: Vickie Steen, Sarah Gayle and Wayne Plourde talk with John about Wonder.

  • 01.22.14 - Guest: Steve Wyatt

Buy Local Lincoln County

  • 03.19.14 - Guy Faust and Ashley Lowe (from the Logsden Country Store) talk about the importance of keeping your dollars local.

  • 02.19.14 - Guy Faust and Lauren Craven (current president of Buy Local) talk about the importance of keeping your dollars local.



What's Up With Mark Jones

Mark Jones shares his thoughts on everything from local to national politics and gives a weekly review on local gas prices.

  • 04.03.14 - Topics: Mark talks about gas prices and other local issues.

  • 03.27.14 - Topics: Mark talks about the effects of the city councils decision making.

  • 03.20.14 - Topics: Mark talks about city council trash issues.

  • 03.13.14 - Topics: Mark talks about the city's compostable proposal.

  • 03.06.14 - Topics: Mark talks about garbage renewal contracts.

  • 02.27.14 - Topics: Goal setting in the Newport city council, water and sewer rates, log processing in Toledo, Medical Marijuana dispensaries

  • 02.20.14 - Topics: fuel report, compost debate continues, medical marijuana stores, Cover Oregon.

  • 02.13.14 - Topics: fuel report, damaged road conditions, more on composting and public forum on Monday, state legislature and background checks on firearms.

  • 02.06.14 - Topics: fuel, cost of compost program, city council, ODOT on Newport crosswalks, land trust, Yaquina Bay salmon project, off shore windmills, no GMO ordinance.

Getting Healthy with Dr. Ken Bishop

Dr. Ken Bishop, Licensed Chiropractor and owner of iBody Fitness in Newport, discusses all aspects health and wellness with weekly guests.


  • 03.27.14 - Guest: Leighton Blackwell. Dr. Bishop talks to life adventurist Leighton Blackwell.

  • 03.20.14 - Guest: Katherine. Ken talks licensed massage therapist Katherine.

  • 03.13.14 - Guest: Trisha Quick. Dr. Bishop and Trisha discuss colon hygenics.

  • 03.06.14 - Guest: Rose Jade. Ken and Rose discuss the health benefits of a good sleep schedule.

  • 02.27.14 - Guest: Dr. Neal Redman, Dentist and owner of Olive Street Dental in Newport

  • 02.13.14 - Guest: Lisa Marolf, Fitness enthusiast and Zumba instructor

  • 02.06.14 - Guest: Robert Demple, Ibody Fitness, long-time fitness personal journey including beating stage 3 cancer at 42 with benefits of being healthy and positive



Coastal Emergency Preparedness Show with Cheryl Harle

Coastal life is beautiful, and can make us forget that we sit along the Cascadia Subduction Zone - making us vulnerable for serious earthquakes and tsunamis. Join Cheryl Harle and Ceci Pratt along with their guests to learn how to get prepared for a natural disaster with this radio master class series. Hear It, Get Ready, On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

  • Class #24 - 03.20.14 - Guest: John Robinson, Bruce Polvi, CeCe Pratt.

  • Class #23 - 03.14.14 - Guest: Jim Biseman. Jim Biseman with the Public Works Division talks with Cheryl and CeCe about Emergency Preparedness.

  • Class #22 - 03.07.14 - Guest: Jim Kuse and Bruce Polvi.Captain Jim Kuse and owner of The Electronic Superstore Bruc Polvi discuss what to do in the case of a natural disaster.

  • Class #21 - 02.28.14 - Guests: Mike Gaff and Aaron Fergason of TCB Security Services, discuss using Drills and Training to prepare your employees for emergencies.

  • Class #20 - 02.21.14 - Guest: Kay Wyatt, Retired Seismologist and leader of the Oregon Shakes program, discusses Hazard Mitigation - reducing the damage that would be incurred by an earthquake. Kay is also our local inspiration for the go bag.

  • Class #19 - 02.14.14 - Guest: Patrick Corcoran, OSU Extension Services, Coastal Hazards Specialist - talks about the psychology of preparedness and the importance of taking the time to think about what you may need in the event of an emergency. Jim Kusz also joins the discussion.

  • Class #18 - 02.07.14 - Guest: Mary Kay Fitzmorris, Lincoln County Senior and Disability. Guy DiTorrice also joins the discussion.

  • Class #17 - 01.31.14 - Guest: Mark Nicholson, Lincoln City Emergency Coordinator

  • Class #16 - 01.24.14 - Guest: Curt Abbott, Oregon Coast Technology, tech readiness tips, and preserving important documents

  • Class #15 - 01.17.14 - Guest: George Priest, DOGAMI - Dept of Geology and Mineral Industries, discusses Evacuation and Inundation maps

  • Class #14 - 01.10.14 - Guests: Dean Sawyer, CERT & Tribal Emergency Coordinator, Jim Kusz, North Lincoln Fire & Rescue, Bruce Polvi, Electronic Superstore

  • Class #13 - 01.03.14 - Topic: Year in Review and Winter Weather Safety

  • Class #12 - 12.27.13 - Guest: Laura Ireland Moore, Lincoln County Sheriff's Dept, discusses Pet Preparedness

  • Class #11 - 12.20.13 - Guest: Sue Graves, Emergency Coordinator for Lincoln County School District, discuss Student/Children Readiness.

  • Class #10 - 12.13.13 - Guest: Ron Spisso, OCCC Small Business Development Center, discusses Work Place Readiness

  • Class #09 - 11.29.13 - Guest: Brian Richards, ServPro Restoration, and Guy DiTorrice, Local Geologist, discuss Workplace Readiness.

  • Class #08 - 11.22.13 - Guests: Kay Wyatt and Guy DiTorrice, discuss Cascadia Science.

  • Class #07 - 11.15.13 - Topic: Workplace Readiness

  • Class #06 - 11.08.13 - Guests: Jim Kusz, of North Lincoln Fire and Rescue, and Bruce Polvi, Electronic Superstore, discuss City Emergency Response.

  • Class #05 - 11.01.2013 - Guests: Fire Chief Will Ewing and Sgt. Tony Garbarino, Newport Police Dept (City Emergency Response)

  • Class #04 - 10.25.2013 - Stay Informed: On-line Resources to Follow-up for more Material

  • Class #03 - 10.18.2013 - Make a Kit: Water, Food, First Aid, NOAA Radio, Mylar Blanket, RX, Multi-tool, Lighter

  • Class #02 - 10.11.2013 - Make a Plan: Rendevous Location & an Out-of-State Contact Person

  • Class #01 - 09.30.2013 - Make a Bed Tied Bag: Plastic Grocery Bag with Shoes, Glasses & Headlamp

Depoe Bay with Barry and Shae

Barry Philpott and his daughter, Shae, join us live from Pirate Coffee in Depoe Bay to share their perspectives and humor on what is happening around the world.

Healthy Connections With Cheryl Harle

Cheryl interviews local health professionals on current health trends and the resources we have to help us stay healthy.

  • 03.20.14 - Guest: Brenda Wills. Cheryl and Brenda Wills from the spirituality corner of the Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital discuss the grieving process of losing a loved one.

  • 03.07.14 - Guest: Bill Rodgers, Cheryl and Bill Discuss chronic lung disease.

  • 2.21.14 - Guests: Aaron Phaneul, Major Gift Officer of Pacific Communities Health District Foundation, Bill Rodgers, Respiratory Therapist of Samaritan Pacific Community Hospital, and Rachel Peterson, health Promotion Program Manager of Lincoln County health & Human Services.

Senior Connections with Peggy O'Callaghan


  • 03.28.14 - Guest: Dwayne Silbernagle.  Peggy talks with financial planner Dwayne Silbernagle of Wadell and Reed.

  • 03.14.14 - Guest: Sally Bove: Habitat For Humanity

  • 02.28.14 - Guests: Rodney Lehrbass, Toledo Arts Guild

  • 02.14.14 - Guests: David Ogden Stiers and Vicky Steen discuss The Battle of Batons

  •  01.10.14 - Guest: Steve Wyatt, Newport Maritime Museum

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